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Terms & Conditions


DS Design operates all its services under terms and conditions. DS Design makes sure all activities are dealt with as advertised; however, we sometimes need to adjust. We advise all of our customers to read up on our terms and conditions, in order to avoid any confusion, embarrassment and problems.

DS Design sometimes offers promotions (i.e. discount on prices), yet the offer may not be valid due to physical circumstances. For example, we may offer a promotion package, but may need to charge, if the customer requires the building to be carried out on-site. DS Design is a responsible organisation and we follow the Sales of Goods Act.

Below is a full list of our terms and conditions, relating to our policies.

  • Our terms and conditions are up-to-date, as of October 2016. DS Design reserves the right to add more content, without prior notice. If any changes are made, we will provide a notice on our website.
  • On-site work will always be charged for. DS Design regrets that we cannot offer promotions, in which on-site work is required. In this scenario the customer will still be able to claim the promotion offer, but will be charged for the on-site work. This includes our free-maintenance offer. We can only offer free-maintenance for jobs that have been carried out remotely in our offices.
  • All our promotions are held for a time period. If our customers ask for a promotion, after the period, the promotion will not be authorised.
  • DS Design reserves the right to alter our prices at any time, without prior notice. We do our best to avoid doing so, but some price increases may be unavoidable.
  • All of our works will be aimed to be completed as quickly as possible. We always want to deliver excellent customer service, but some jobs may take longer than others and may go over our expected timescale.
  • DS Design will not charge obscene costs to our on-site jobs. We will add fair and reasonable charges, to match our contractor’s time and effort.
  • We can offer an on-site contractor across the UK. DS Design will attempt to make sure all our customers are dealt with, quickly.
  • Refunds can only be given for any product or service up to 30 days of transaction. If any customer is deemed unhappy with their product or service and would like a refund (provided that they are within the 30 days period) they would need to provide proof of their purchase and a valid reason why (receipts, invoice, order number, etc…). Once they provide us with the necessary details they will be refunded immediately. We will also require the customer to provide us with feedback on our service and products. This will help us to put right anything that needs correcting. We regret that no refunds can be given once a customer has seen their product and is happy to process payment for it. WE CAN NOT REFUND ANY PRODUCT, BECAUSE THE CUSTOMER NO LONGER WANTS IT. DS Design requires all customers to approve of their order before finalising any payments.
  • DS Design will not be held responsible for any computer files that do not open correctly in certain operating systems. We do not promise all our files will work in all operating systems. If this is the case, you will be entitled to a refund – as long as proof of purchase is provided and evidence of the file not working.
  • No refunds will be given on music or video downloads. All purchases are final. On our website we have previews of our songs and videos, so you can view before you buy. Likewise, no refunds will be given if you accidently delete your music or videos. If this is the case, please provide evidence and you will be sent a free replacement.
  • We pride ourselves on producing high-quality products at inexpensive prices. We only use the best suppliers, in order to produce high-quality goods. We take no responsibility in any product(s) produced by our suppliers. If their products are not produced to our standards, our customer(s) can contact us and inform us of the problem(s). We will refund or send a replacement (depending on request) and we will thoroughly investigate and apply any changes we need to make, even if means changing supplier.
  • Under no circumstances do we intend to cause offense with our humour/jokes. Please be aware our jokes are for our audience that enjoy a good sense of humour. If you are offended please contact us. WE SHALL NOT, HOWEVER, REMOVE ANY MATERIAL, SIMPLY BECAUSE IT IS OFFENSE. WE SHALL ONLY REMOVE MATERIAL, IF IT AFFECTS A LARGE RANGE OF PEOPLES. We carefully select what material is uploaded to our website, so that any material is not too offensive or sensitive. Any offensive language is censored and we do deeply regret uploading material with bad language. We do our best to ensure all of our humour material does not contain offensive language.
  • DS Design is an eco-friendly company and we always make sure any materials are recycled or re-used. If we cannot re-use our materials, we always makes sure our materials are disposed of, safely and securely – to avoid any environmental effects. We are always trying to encourage more people to recycle or be Pro-environment, for example; using energy efficient energy sources.
  • Our delivery charges differ depending on where the order is dispatching to. All UK orders have free delivery, whilst international orders will incur a shipping charge. Some international orders may carry free delivery.
  • DS Design uses the Royal Mail as our delivery distributer. Please check with the Royal Mail for up-to-date delivery prices and delivery schedules. Once DS Design dispatches orders, we are not responsible for any missing, late or damaged orders. If your parcel is late, missing or damaged, please contact us by using our customer service email address – (including your order number, product details) within 7 working days and we will launch an investigation with the Royal Mail. We will look to get a replacement dispatched within 14 working days of the conclusion of our investigation. Please visit our website Royal Mail delivery prices, including VAT. (DS Design currently does not add-on delivery costs. All delivery prices are Royal Mail’s, DS Design are always looking for the best, cost-effective delivery options available). DS Design are looking to add a Special Delivery service for next day deliveries in 2017.
  • As an environment-friendly organisation, we would like to ensure all of our customers consider the environment before printing any emails, for their records. Please always recycle responsibly.
  • DS Design will send a confirmation email when we have dispatched all our orders.
  • DS Design’s promotional offers may exclude certain services and additional charges may be added, in conjunction to the offer.
  • Customers are advised that DS Design reserves the right to cancel/change any promotional offers at any moment, without prior notice.
  • In some instances, for example DS Design, DS Design will send customer(s) a design sample, before payment is made. This will allow the customer(s) the opportunity to have their input on the design and to make any final changes they deem are necessary. Once payment is made, DS Design reserves the right to charge customer(s) for any future changes (N.B. This clause, will very rarely be used).
  • DS Design will always make sure our customer(s) are satisfied and that they enjoy their experience with us.
  • This promotion may only be redeemed once per customer(s). Illegal usage of DS Design or DS Design promotions may result in prosecution or other actions.
  • For any further information, please divert all questions to
  • It is at DS Design’s discretion whether non-promotional offers can be used in this promotion, either replacing promotional service/product or if this promotion can be used as part-payment for a different service/product.
  • Our monthly charges for website domain names and hosting are subject to change. Site maintenance charges will solely depend on the updates/maintenance/features required. DS Design may not charge for some site maintenance; however, we may charge a monthly fee. Please contact us for your individual requirements. DS Design will not charge for any months that we do not carry out any work. If you have set up a direct debit, we will refund any charges or remove them from the next month.
  •  DS Design offers on-site work, so we can effectively collaborate with our clients. Once this promotion has finished, we may charge for site-work. We will do most of our work remotely at our premise. If we need to visit your site, to collect information about you or business. We will charge our clients, if we visit your site. Our site-work charges only apply if our clients call out DS Design’s technicians.
  • Throughout your tenure with DS Design, you can contact us at any time for support. If you need assistance, our dedicated team will do their best to efficiency solve your problem. We may will not charge for support, but may still charge for support at our client’s site.
  • DS Design accepts payment by cash, online bank transfer or by cheque. In some instances we only accept payment during your order (online store), however, for some of our services we can wait for payment, with our clients/customers paying upon receipt of our invoices. Our payment terms are 30 days, upon receipt of invoice. Failure to comply with these terms, may result in legal/court proceedings. We will provide clients with our account details, once our clients have decided on payment method. We will allow our clients to setup a direct debit with ourselves, for some services.




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